Belt Cleaning Solutions

KEBA is very pleased to announce that they are now SE Qld and Central Qld agents for Australian Belt Cleaning.

CleanScrape Primary Advantages:

  • Optimum belt cleaning
  • Easy assembly (first installation 4-6 hours, changeover 1-3 hours)
  • Suitable for slow and fast running belts
  • Ideal for belts with mechanical connectors
  • Low wear and tear of belts due to specific pressure from the scraper onto the belt
  • Minimal wear and tear of the scraper
  • Scraping proportion to belt width 1.2 : 1. Example a 1m belt width = 1.2m scraper length
  • Long life of the scraper as a result of construction material choice
  • Scraped off material goes directly into the conveyor stream
  • Nearly maintanance free
  • Suitable for reverse operation (CleanScrape Primary only)
  • Very low running cost due to new longlife unique scraping system
  • Huge savings, compare the “True Life Cost”
    • Low installation cost
    • Extended life of the scraper as a result of a less belt pressure on the drum (diagonal scraper drum position, like a helix)
    • Nearly no maintenance required, unlike existing conventional systems
    • Lesser downtime of running belts